Anxiety Lies To You. Take Back Control.


Anxiety is a normal human response to stressful circumstances. But sometimes anxiety takes more control over us than we would like. Beyond the Spiral helps teenagers and young adults break free of that control with practical, proven actions.

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Just Pray More, Worry Less’ Is Not The Answer

Will and Dr. Chinwe identify the six most common lies that anxiety tells us. Then combine their clinical, pastoral and parental experience to give teenagers and young adults proven, successful action steps to counter each lie.

Learn to identify each lie that anxiety tells you

Uncover the underlying reasons that make the lies sound so real

Learn proven techniques that you can use today to take back control

Experience life the way it is meant to be

Who Is Talking About Beyond the Spiral?

We asked people we respect about this book.
Here is what they said:

Dr. Kevin Monahan

 For all of us that loved their first book, Seen, “Beyond the Spiral” is a must-read. Written by two experienced professionals, Will Hutcherson, and Dr. Chinwé Williams, this book is a comprehensive guide to help teens and young adults cope and thrive with anxiety. With practical tools, action steps, and a faith-based approach, this book offers hope and support to those in need. Filled with real-life experiences, this book provides a holistic approach to managing anxiety that will impact your life on multiple levels. If you, your church, or someone you know is struggling with anxiety, don't hesitate to grab this book today.

Dr. Kevin Monahan,

Graduate Professor, Next Gen Ministry, Liberty University
Dr. Alan Ehler

 Anxiety has always been a part of the human experience, but the level of anxiety people are now experiencing has never been higher. This is especially true of the emerging generation. The good news is that experts Dr. Chinwé Williams and Will Hutcherson have compiled an effective, easy to read, very practical manual to help young people – and those of all ages – overcome anxiety. The book includes easy to remember exercises that will lead you to God’s peace in the midst of the storms of life that come your way.

Dr. Alan Ehler,

Southeastern University Professor, Pastor, and Author of How to Make Big Decisions Wisely (Zondervan)

 I will pay my kids to read this book. Finally, a book that provides clarity for teens and young adults about the worry and anxiety they feel. Chinwé and Will understand their feelings and provide hopeful steps to help develop skills to manage these emotions.

Casey Ross,

Pastor and Author of Life & Faith: from ’This is it?” to “This is it!"
Ally Evans

 I have been waiting for a practical resource to help young people navigate panic, stress and anxiety, and here it is.. Most young people will see themselves in the pages of this book as it addresses lies our anxiety tells us that can cause us to spiral, leading to unhealthy responses. Will and Dr Chinwé provide easy-to-apply tools to confront the lies, understand what’s true, take action and invite God into the whole process. This book is a game changer.

Ally Evans,

NextGen Leader, Life.Church
dr. Kevin norwood

 The genius of Will and Chinwé is that they put a “label” on the indescribable emotional trap of the “anxiety spiral” that so easily sucks in teenagers (and adults for that matter). Reading the “label” helps people to know what is contained within and then offers steps to help them find resolve, help, or peace! Brilliant words!

Dr. Kevin W. Norwood,

DMin, MaPT, Student Pastor –Owasso First Assembly
Matt Manno

 This book is a must-read for anyone working with teenagers and Young Adults. Chinwe and Will provide a needed perspective on anxiety, presenting the truth behind the lies we often tell ourselves and provide practical steps that empower readers to face anxiety head-on.

Matt Manno,

Nextgen Pastor, New Life Fellowship Church, NYC
Dr. Layla Bonner

 “Beyond the Spiral” is a must read for anyone who loves and cares for a young person. In this day and age, teens and emerging adults are suffering from anxiety like never before and the consequences are heartbreaking. Dr. Williams and Will have again combined faith and clinical principles to provide caregivers with important steps toward helping young people manage the tough moments in life.

Dr. Layla J. Bonner,

LMFT, NCC, Assistant Professor in the Master of Arts degree program in Mental Health Counseling at Belmont University
Sissy Goff

I have been counseling kids and families for the past 30 years. And I have never seen anything take a toll on teenagers and young adults the way anxiety has in the past few years. It lies to them, robs them of their confidence and ultimately steals their hope . . . hope in who they are and hope in the future God has prepared for them. It’s time for it to stop. 

We need voices who are speaking thoughtful, practical, hope-filled truth into the darkness of this anxiety-ridden world. Dr. Chinwe Williams and Will Hutcherson are two such voices. Chinwe is not only a dear friend, but one of the people I trust most in the mental health profession. In Beyond the Spiral, Chinwe and Will offer evidence-based strategies kids and young adults who are facing anxiety can start to use today. But they don’t stop there. They speak truth into the lies that anxiety tells us. And, even more importantly, they help us discover the healing and hope that only Christ can bring. I’m grateful for this book and the difference I know it will make in countless lives.

Sissy Goff,

LPC-MHSP, bestselling author of Raising Worry-Free Girls, podcast host of the Raising Boys and Girls podcast, and Director of Child and Adolescent Counseling at Daystar Counseling in Nashville, TN.
Kyle Jackson

It was such a privilege to read Will and Chinwe’s book “Beyond the Spiral.” It has equipped me with the ability to combat anxiety in the life of my kids and the students of my church. I believe reading this book will help equip you and your teenagers with the practical tools needed to overcome anxiety. If you have felt insecure in knowing how to help your children then this is a must read!

Kyle Jackson,

Columbus Campus Pastor, Church of the Highlands

About the Authors

Will Head Shot Color_High Res

Will Hutcherson

Will Hutcherson is a national speaker, the founder of Curate Hope, and a next gen/youth pastor of 15 years. Will is passionate about finding practical ways to bring hope to kids and teens who are facing increasing amounts of anxiety, depression, and despair. He lives in the Florida with his wife, Arianne, and three kids.

Chinwe-higher resolution

Chinwé Williams, Ph.D.

Chinwé Williams, Ph.D., is a Board-Certified, Licensed Professional Counselor and the owner of Meaningful Solutions Counseling & Consulting. She is passionate about equipping parents, leaders, and educators in supporting youth who are battling anxiety, depression, despair, and trauma. Her favorite roles are being a wife and mom to three awesome kids.

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